"Dancing Histories/Dancing Futures" - Rulan Tangen & Denise Saunders Thompson


How does culture establish a foundation that fuels choreographic ideas and approaches? How can dance translate and heal histories of the body — and how does it empower our future? Join Artistic Director and Choreographer of Dancing Earth and Kennedy Center Citizen Artist Fellow Rulan Tangen, and International Association of Blacks in Dance President and CEO, Denise Saunders Thompson, as they explore deeper meanings of movement arts as a means of protest, survival, resilience, social change, and the embodiment of futurities. Unpacking similarities, differences, and philanthropic paradigms within the dance field, Rulan and Denise discuss the parity between them as dance-makers, practitioners, and presenters in collaboration with global indigenous practices, intertribal and African diasporan artists. ArtChangeUS@Kennedy Center National Conversations is a series of dialogues between prominent artists and pivotal change-makers who are advancing a pluralistic vision of America. Subscribe to The Kennedy Center! http://bit.ly/2gNFrtb

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