Porch Life: Music Box | A Kennedy Center Digital Stage Original


Musicians Luke Stewart, Janel Leppin, Layne Garrett, Jamal Moore, Thomas Stanley aka Bushmeat, and Twin Jude play the Porch Life Music Box on The Kennedy Center's North Plaza. "Porch Life" is a project of New Orleans Airlift’s Music Box Village created by Taylor Shepherd, Christian Repaal, Delaney Martin, Quintron, and Marshall Hawks with Leah Hennessy, Alita Edgar, Jay Pennington and Meschiya Lake contributing to the design. Featuring 11 instruments created by more than 18 artists, engineers, and builders, Porch Life can be played by kids and the public as well as performed by world-class musicians. Subscribe to The Kennedy Center! http://bit.ly/2gNFrtb

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