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Viewers like you help make PBS (Thank you 😃) . Support your local PBS Member Station here: Be it Elliott Smith or Queen, classical or dub step, there's usually a clear understanding that some songs are sad, and some songs are happy. But what is it about the music that makes us feel these feelings we're feeling? You might think it has something to do with the notes or how our brain's natural response to these sounds, but you're wrong. Or at the very least incomplete in your thinking. We've just been culturally trained to respond to music in certain ways because if you ignore the lyrics, music itself doesn't actually contain any emotion at all. Watch the episode to find out more! Sources: Transylvanian Music: Emotional responses to music: The need to consider underlying mechanisms - Patrik N. Juslin Daniel Västfjäll Its OK To Be Smart "Why Music Moves Us" TWEET OF THE WEEK: Further Reading List: The Music in Our Lives - Kathleen Marie Higgins Exploring the Habitus of Listening : Anthropological Perspectives - Judith Becker TOWARDS A NEUROBIOLOGY OF MUSICAL EMOTIONS - Isabelle Peretz MUSIC INDUCED EMOTIONS: SOME CURRENT ISSUES AND CROSS-MODAL COMPARISONS - Manuela M. Marin and Joydeep Bhattacharya Music acquisition: effects of enculturation and formal training on development - Erin E. Hannon and Laurel J. Trainor Handbook of Music and Emotion: Theory, Research, Applications - Patrik N. Juslin Music: ":P" by Roglok ( "Carry On Carillon" by Roglok ( Elliott Smith - Needle In The Hay Wayne's world bohemian rhapsody Dramatic Chipmunk Jake's first flight avatar soundtrack Disney Mulan - I'll Make A Man Out Of You | HD Scott Joplin - The Entertainer Justice - Stress Britten Lachrymae Op 48 for Viola and Piano - Ricardo Zwietisch Music & Lyrics By Stewie Griffin BEETHOVEN - Symphony No. 2 - Leonard Bernstein (3-4) Eruption Guitar Solo--Eddie Van Halen Elvis Presley - If I Can Dream Acapella (Vocals) Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Let us know what sorts of crazy ideas you have, about this episode and otherwise: Tweet at us! @pbsideachannel (yes, the longest twitter username ever) Email us! pbsideachannel [at] gmail [dot] com Idea Channel Facebook! Hosted by Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta) Made by Kornhaber Brown ( Want some more Idea Channel? Here's Last Week's episode: "Is Buying Call of Duty a Moral Choice?" Want another one? Here ya go: "Is Community A Postmodern Masterpiece?" Here's Some More:"Will Kickstarter Replace Hollywood?"

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