Company Danzante - "I Am the Movement" | LIVE at The Kennedy Center


In light of the various social and cultural movements that are presently empowering women to speak out, unite, and demand equality and justice, this work-in-progress explores individual identity, vulnerability, and strength within the collective voice.. I Am the Movement (Excerpt, Work-in-Progress) Choreography by Katherine Horrigan and Arturo Garcia in collaboration with the dancers Music by Ludovico Einaudi, Ten Walls, Nils Frahm Performed by Grace Ball, Elizabeth Burr, Megan Caputo, Olivia Jordan, Erin Fitzgerald Rochow, Darian Saenz, Susie Wopat, and Mikayla Mckee Company Danzante, one of Arlington’s premier contemporary dance companies, returns to Millennium Stage with works by five outstanding contemporary choreographers: Marcus Willis, Shaun Boyle, Karen Reedy, Katherine Horrigan, and Arturo Garcia. This family-friendly performance blends emotional beauty with athletic power to captivate the mind, stimulate the senses, and uplift the soul. Part of Millennium Stage at The Kennedy Center, February 7, 2018. Watch the full performance: Subscribe to The Kennedy Center!

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