Elgar: R.B.T, Ysobel, & G.R.S from Enigma Variations - National Symphony Orchestra


The National Symphony Orchestra performs Elgar's R.B.T, Ysobel, & G.R.S from Enigma Variations. The story is told of how Elgar, returning home from giving violin lessons, sat down at the piano and, to unwind, began improvising. Alice commented favourably on the tune that emerged and Elgar responded by suggesting how certain of their friends might play it. Out of that spontaneous exchange grew the idea of the Enigma Variations, the work that finally secured Elgar's reputation as a composer of national, even international, standing. It remains one of the most popular works in the classical repertoire. - Third Variation - R.B.T. Richard Baxter Townshend, a friend whose caricature of an old man in an amateur theatre production is captured in the variation. - Sixth Variation - Ysobel Isabel Fitton, an amateur viola player from a musical family living in Malvern. - Eleventh Variation - G.R.S. George Sinclair, organist at Hereford Cathedral, although the variation allegedly portrays Sinclair's bulldog Dan paddling in the River Wye after falling in. Part of Inspiration!, a Young People's Concert. Hosted by Michael Butterman and Marisa Regni. May 24, 2016. Subscribe to The Kennedy Center! http://bit.ly/2gNFrtb

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