Close-Up with Ben Ashworth


Skateboarder Ben Ashworth, curator for The Kennedy Center's "Finding a Line" festival, talks about his own evolution from skater to builder. Who is Ben Ashworth? That depends on who you ask. The art community will tell you that Ben Ashworth is an accomplished visual artist, designer, builder, and skateboarder. His friends will tell you that he's a lunatic who skates too fast and works too hard. Either way, his work exists at the collision of art, skateboarding, community, and play, and it speaks largely for itself. He's also one of the founding members of the now legendary DC Fight Club, an underground skatepark/gallery/creative space in an abandoned warehouse which became a center for local and national cultural events. He works a 9-to-5 as George Mason University's Sculpture Studio Manager, is currently a MFA candidate in the School of Art at GMU, and is a core member of Workingman Collective, a DC-based artist collective formed in 2005.

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